Groduk & Boucar


25 Jan › 04 Feb

11:00 › 19:00

Slow Galerie

5 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud – 75011 Paris

25 January - 4 February 2017 Tuesday - Saturday : 11h - 19h

Tuesday 24 January : 18h30 - 21h30

Groduk & Boucar present ‘Minigolf’, an exhibition of 18 works, screen-prints, paintings and monotypes centred on this sporting theme, that they explore and deploy with their unique perspective, far from reality. There will be many surprises in this programme of 19 holes in 18 works.

In this new series ‘Minigolf’, we find deserted and cinematic atmospheres that are the trademark of this duo, compositions that play on different scales and frames – sometimes taking abstraction to its limit – which bring a personal, graphic and quirky vision of this sport.

These works, printed by hand in their Parisian atelier, construct a universe of miniature architecture,  of twilight skies and artificial landforms, which confront trembling textures that seem almost digital, with more sensitive drawn surfaces, all in the bright colours that define the duo’s palette.