Creative Sport

Display of graphic creations in Paris, London and New York

11 Jan › 22 Feb


Display of graphic creations in Paris, London and New York

Festival Graphic Commission
11 January - 22 February 2017

Throughout Paris
11 January - 22 February
1600 posters displayed in JCDecaux public furniture city-wide

London and New York
11 January - 22 February
Displayed on 80 JCDecaux digital screens

Place du Palais-Royal, Paris
24 January - 5 February
Exhibition on JCDecaux public seating

Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
24 January - 5 February

20 graphic designers have been invited by co-curators Stéréo Buro at Frenchfourch, with the support of JCDecaux, to realise creations centred on the theme of sport for a special commission for the Graphic Design Festival.

Based on preliminary presentations and profiles, the organisational committee of the Graphic Design Festival chose a selection of 19 posters to be shown in public space. Displayed around Paris on 1600 JCDecaux urban furniture modules from 11 January to 22 February, these creations will also be shown simultaneously on 80 digital displays in London and New York, as well as being displayed in the Palais-Royal Paris from 24 January to 5 February.

The entirety of the curation of the commission will be exhibited at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs from 24 January to 5 February 201, as part of the exhibitions of the Graphic Design Festival.


Co-curators: Stéréo Buro x Frenchfourch

Two collectives – Stéréo bro and Frenchfourch, both residents at Paris Print Club, a space for artisanal and artistic creation applied to image and printed objects – were responsible for the curation of the initial commission.

Thanks to their editorial profiles, as well as their varying but complementary sensibilities, a selection of candidates emerged who were particularly interested by the work of image research.

The explorations that the curators have proposed distinguish themselves from classic posters by a critical reading: graphic designers and illustrators who take formal risks, who wish to challenge institutional conformity by moving beyond the frame.

For the curators, this commission was an opportunity to present unusual artists to the general public, giving them carte blanche to interpret the theme and to ensure their images would be presented in an original manner.

As proof of the creative freedom of the selected designers, the co-curation of Stéréo Buro and Frenchfourch will be exhibited at the Musée des Arts décoratifs in Paris. The exhibition will showcase the original versions of the posters in all their integrity.

Theme: “Creative Sport”

Between brotherhood and rivalry, the co-curators reading of the theme explores the values intrinsic to the sporting discipline, interesting in all their ambiguity – respect, fair play, competition and combat. These qualities sit at opposite and complementary sides of moments as strong as they are ephemeral. The theme could also be taken as a parallel with the poster, an ephemeral form of expression where a match between the image and the reader takes shape.

Curation: Selected entries

Raphael Garnier (Paris – France), Julia (Londres – Royaume-Uni), Hort (Berlin – Allemagne), Horstaxes (Strasbourg – France), Super-Structure (Bruxelles – Belgique), Lomé Lu (Paris – France), Studio Jimbo (Paris – France), Pol-Edouard ( France), Pierre Vanni ( Paris – France), Jérémy Piningre (Paris –  France), Spassky Fischer ( Paris – France), Tamás Ál (Budapest – Hongrie), Paul Loubet (France), Geriko  (Paris / Bruxelles, France / Belgique), Adrien Fregosi (Sète, France), The Rodina (Pays-Bas), Twice (Paris – France), Sera Yong (Séoul – Corée du Sud), Marta Veludo (Amsterdam – Pays-Bas).

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Ces créations seront également exposées sur la Place du Palais-Royal à Paris du 24 janvier au 5 février.

L’intégralité de la commande de curation initiale sera, quant à elle, exposée au Musée des Arts décoratifs du 24 janvier au 5 février 2017, au sein du parcours d’expositions du Graphic Design Festival.